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Embrace Active Financial Planning in the Cloud

Switch to Active Planning using the Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Software that is Easy, Powerful, and Fast.

Adaptive Insights UK Partners Influential have over 25 years of experience in finance and planning software solutions.

We make CPM and financial planning easy.



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Business Planning Cloud with Adaptive Insights Suite

  • Adaptive Insights for Finance: Improve Planning
    Continuous planning, reporting, and analysis
  • Address Urgent Business Challenges
    Manage Revenue, Capital, Workforce, Expenses,
    Balance Sheets and Financial Close.

Are Spreadsheets Still Holding Your Business Back?

The Adaptive Insights concept of “active planning” is a quantum leap forward. Active planning means:

  • Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software that is simple, effective, and fast
  • 70 percent reduction in your planning cycle
  • Intuitive interface that users will want to use
  • Built-in financial analytics and intelligence based on reliable data
  • A flexible and scalable cloud computing platform


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Fast, Easy CPM Software – Insights for Finance

Finance cloud specialists Adaptive Insights say “Everybody plans.” Influential agrees – so much so that we help businesses plan their planning too.

Our team provides licences, consultancy, services, and support for Adaptive Insights financial planning software.

With our know-how as Adaptive Insights partners, thousands of businesses have unlocked the full potential of their software. And that means making your software investment count.

Adaptive Insights Software Licences

Adaptive Insights partners Influential are certified to provide Adaptive Insights Suite licences, consultancy, and support services that make your investment really worthwhile.

We offer a 75% lower cost of ownership than traditional planning alternatives.

  • Planning and Analytics package: the total suite of solutions for active planning
  • Planning: a slimmer software suite – options include OfficeConnect board reporting, visual analytics, and dashboards as upgrades


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Influential Financial Planning Solutions Consultancy

After 25 years in the sector, Influential has earned the experience and expertise to provide consultancy and support services for a range of cutting-edge solutions.

Our team is certified to provide project management, consulting, and implementation services. By supporting your Adaptive Insights investment up to deployment and beyond, Influential ensures the most profitable relationship between the product and your business.

In partnership with Adaptive Insights, Influential can offer an express service for financial planning SaaS: from licence to insights in only one week.

Start the discussion with our dedicated financial software team today.

Influential Software: Trusted today by clients in a broad range of sectors:

SME and Enterprise Solutions

With over 3,800 customers worldwide, Adaptive Insights software has proven its worth time and time again.

Adaptive Insights has ranked consistently high in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, remaining a “leader” in the Gartner Corporate Performance Management report.

At Influential, we can provide configurations of the Business Planning Cloud for all kinds of financial challenges. Our consultancy team has decades of hands-on experience in the manufacturing, software, non-profit, public sector, education, business services, publishing, financial services, legal, and media sectors.

Adaptive Insights for SMEs: thousands of growing businesses have increased productivity by over 70 percent

Financial Planning for Enterprises, Divisions, and Units: Get all your data on-hand all the time, with a suite that scales to thousands of users.


What’s the Matter with Excel?

Let’s face it: manual spreadsheets have had their day, and on-premise is now off target. In a non-stop world, your business needs a cloud solution that’s rapid, integrated, and transparent. Where is the speed you need? For financial analytics services, look no further than Adaptive Insights partner Influential.

Discover corporate performance management (CPM) software that’s quick, simple, robust, and cost-effective. Have accurate and insightful data at your fingertips, wherever and whenever you want. Make informed decisions that drive fresh levels of success. Be sure the whole business is behind you.