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You can’t put a price on accurate information – that’s why Adaptive Insights licences are priceless.

Even so, our Adaptive Insights solutions offer a 75 percent lower price than typical financial planning software.

Get value from day one with a reduction in manual processes, an increase in collaboration, and a wealth of critical insights.

Adaptive Insights Subscription UK

Adaptive Insights licences vary in price according to the following factors:

  • Package type: Planning or Planning and Analytics
  • Additional product options
  • How many seats, of what type
  • How many systems for automated data integration
  • Length of the contract

Influential Software provides consulting, technical services, and support alongside Adaptive Insights licences. Roll them all into one package for a super-charged, cost-effective solution.


Influential Software + Adaptive Insights | UK PartnersStronger Together: Influential Software + Adaptive Insights

Over and above traditional licence sales, Influential Software offers the benefit of decades of experience across a range of sectors, including manufacturing, public sector, education, publishing, financial, legal, and media.

Our financial team is certified to provide, implement, and support Adaptive Insights products to suit your particular business goals.

Business Planning Cloud Licences, Packages & Products

Financial Planning Packages

Financial Planning and Analytics Package: includes budgeting, forecasting, management and ad-hoc reporting and analytics, variance analysis, process management, transaction management, OfficeConnect board reporting, visual analytics and dashboards, and single sign-on

Financial Planning Package: includes budgeting, forecasting, management and ad-hoc reporting and analytics, variance analysis and process management, transaction management, and single sign-on, with the option of upgrading to add OfficeConnect board reporting, visual analytics, and dashboards

Financial Planning Tools

Consolidation: consolidate data from General Ledger sources, intercompany eliminations, journal entry management, partial ownership, reclassifications, and close process task management to automate processes, as well as financial and management reporting on consolidated results

Operational Analytics: include operational data from across the enterprise into visual analytics, while using intuitive dashboards and interactive analysis to allow broad analysis for quick strategic decisions

Integration: both on-premise and cloud-based, automated integration with ERP, CRM, HCM, databases and other enterprise applications

Planning Domains: set up, link, and manage more than one Adaptive Insights planning domain for an integrated and comprehensive model of a business containing multiple autonomous or semi-autonomous organisations

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