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Adaptive Insights is cloud-based performance management software with everything you need for active financial planning.

It’s easy to use and accessible from anywhere. Empower yourself and your team to manage better.

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Active Planning – Adaptive Insights for Finance

Transport your businesses from slow, siloed spreadsheets to a simple system for positive change.

fast what if analysis

handle multiple budgets easily

owned by finance

Active Planning means constant collaboration across your entire organisation. It means transforming your balance sheet, cash flow plans, revenue forecasts, headcount analyses, budgets, and expense plans into agile, insightful processes.

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Over 25 years, we have earned the experience and expertise to configure performance management software for all kinds of challenges. Our thousands of clients in the manufacturing, public sector, education, publishing, financial, legal, and media sectors have seen the results.


Adaptive Discovery Software Example User Experience - Adaptive Insights UK Partners - Business Planning Cloud, Adaptive Insights SuiteYour Cloud-Based Budgeting Software

Discover Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software that is simple, effective, and fast.

Use Adaptive Insights for bespoke reporting, analysis, and identifying trends. Drive your business with a single source of truth. Share insights with your team anywhere.

  • Use active planning to solve common financial problems such as workforce management, revenue management, and profitability analysis, faster than ever before
  • Enjoy speed and ease of use – centralise plans, actuals, forecasts, calculations, and cell notes to save time and stress
  • Create, personalise, and share dashboards, visualisations, and charts – turn financial trends and patterns into insights

Adaptive Insights Financial Performance Management: Benefits

  • Quickly solve common financial challenges with active planning for a more agile business
  • Save time and drive results: fast, easy, and powerful planning
  • Faster and greater insights: drive business performance with improved financial intelligence
  • Stunning reports, in minutes: easy-to-use reporting that is always up to date
  • Real-time financial consolidation: faster to financial close
  • Flexible and scalable: financial planning and analytics for large enterprise
  • Easy to use, powerful modelling for businesses of any size

Business Planning Cloud Platform: Features

The Business Planning Cloud’s capabilities are based on a powerful platform, giving your plans the depth and scope needed to guide your business strategy.

Adaptive Insights Platform Technology for the Business Planning Cloud

  • Responsive with in-memory technology
  • Collaboration and process management
  • Integrate insights and strategy with a unified BI and CPM system
  • Everything is self-service
  • Get a single version of the truth in data, calculations, and reports
  • Features comprehensive integration with leading sources: CRM, ERP, proprietary, and data warehouse
  • Everyone always has the latest with automatic upgrades
  • Scalable and available to over 99.9 percent