Leveraging the Full Potential of Local SEO: 5 Steps That Must Be Taken

Search engine optimisation is a broad term that can apply to many aspects of a website. Although a lot of SEO work can be similar, each business or brand will have unique requirements.

It is a common misconception that local SEO can be achieved easily, but what helped a business rank in search engine results in the past may not be viable today, meaning a business may not be levering the full potential of its online presence.

Fortunately, some steps can be taken to ensure that local SEO is the best it can be. If you’re not able to instil all the following steps by yourself, why not consider outsourcing your SEO tasks to a seasoned professional?

1. All Businesses Should Create a Google Business Profile

Whether you are starting a business for the first time or wanting to promote an existing brand, getting found on Google can seem impossible. However, creating a Google Business profile can help you find customers in the short term.

Completing as much business information as possible ensures the likelihood of visits to a website is more likely. However, it is essential to note that a Google Business profile alone is not enough to maintain online success.

For example, if a landing page or website is confusing or contains too much information, visitors may click off the website. However, a professional and complete Google Business profile is the perfect way of getting started with promoting a brand online.

As well as making nearby customers aware of your business, the information used on the profile can also help local SEO efforts and help bring more interest to the company’s social media pages.

2. Encourage Online Reviews

The more interaction a website has online, the more traction it will obtain. A great way of getting recognised online is online reviews, regardless of whether they are negative or positive.

Positive reviews can boost online exposure, while responding to negative reviews can help retain customers and allow the business to make improvements moving forward.

Those with a complete Google Business Profile will find that the interaction of reviews helps increase their placement for local results.

3. Ensure the Website is Optimised for Mobile

Although different avenues can be taken with local SEO compared to conventional optimisation, some steps need to be taken regardless, and mobile optimisation is one of the most crucial.

Local SEO will often mean that many people will use a mobile device to visit your site. If the website is not optimised for mobile users, it could fall in search engine results. An outdated website could also mean potential customers visit the competition instead.

If it is challenging to navigate the website when using a mobile device, the business must carry out an update as soon as possible. A mobile optimised website will help with local SEO rankings and provide a better user experience for visitors.

4. Make Use of Business Directories

In addition to a Google Business profile, a local company should also ensure they take advantage of directory websites. Some businesses may be tempted to list their business in every directory available, but companies should stick to those that are relevant.

Businesses should also follow the Name, Address, and Phone Number protocol (NAP) and list their businesses using the following format.

● Name

● Address

● Phone Number

There may be the option to add other details, including websites. However, the details must remain the same across all directories. Any incorrect information could mean that search results show the wrong information when customers attempt to contact your company.

Similarly, businesses listed on directories using variations of the address could mean SEO efforts are hindered. Using the same format every time allows for complete clarity among visitors and search engines.

5. Stay Active on Social Media

Although websites and social media platforms are separate entities, an inactive social media presence can mean fewer website visits among local businesses.

Staying engaged with customers via different social media channels helps build stronger bonds with customers and makes the likelihood of acquiring more traffic likely.

In addition to organic brand awareness, a business that stays abreast of its social media will also find that visits to the website increase.

How a brand interacts with customers can depend on the industry it serves, but there are many ways of keeping visitors happy. Some may want to provide regular blog updates that help customers get the most from their purchases, whereas others may want to take advantage of creative videos.

The possibilities are endless, but it is crucial to ensure that the content being created offers some form of value rather than acting as an advert.

Why Consider a Professional for Local SEO?

A business can have many expenses to contend with, and for some, the addition of SEO may not seem viable, but it is crucial to consider the benefits of outsourcing tasks.

Although the start of a business can mean SEO work is minimal, as time goes on, more work is needed to ensure the website remains relevant. How a website will rank depends on several factors, and if a website is not optimised accordingly, the business will not be able to acquire new customers or leads.

Outsourcing SEO to a professional means that focus can be shifted onto other areas of the business. In addition to completing the basics of SEO promptly, a professional will also be able to carry out work that allows the website to be found by the right people, meaning more turnover for businesses.

Although the cost of SEO can seem like an additional cost, it should be considered an investment. Of course, it can take a little time to rank on search engines, but the results will often mean the turnover generated is much greater than the cost of SEO.

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