Agile & Simple Small Business Budgeting Software

Boost Your Finances with Small Business Budgeting Software from Adaptive Insights

Adaptive Insights Financial Business Planning Cloud for SME and Growing BusinessesOptimise Performance with Best-Value Business Cloud for SMEs

For small and midsize businesses, agility is the key to growth and survival. Revolutionise your planning with Adaptive Insights small business budgeting software.

Do away with unproductive spreadsheets, perform any what if analysis quickly and easily, stay up to date with rolling forecasts, and accelerate your planning with a drag-and-drop interface.

Discover the immediate difference in budgeting, modelling, analysis, and reporting. Take hold of your financial destiny today.


Influential Software + Adaptive Insights: Small Business Budget Solutions

After 25 years in the sector, Influential Software has the experience and expertise to provide comprehensive services in business intelligence and financial planning. Join thousands of UK organisations, from small businesses to divisions and large enterprises, that have seen the results. In partnership with Adaptive Insights, Influential Software offers an express service for small business budgeting software: from licence to insights in only one week.

Adaptive Insights for Midsize Companies:
Holistic Services, Tailored Solutions

The Influential Software team is qualified to provide Adaptive Insights services from conceptual design through to model building, report creation, and administration.

Financial Consolidation

Engage our team to implement an intelligent accounting approach to data extraction, manipulation, and calculations, making bottlenecks a thing of the past.

Data Integration

Our solutions will automate data transfer, removing human error and freeing teams for more productive tasks – all while maintaining security and providing improved visibility.

Reporting Tools

Feel the freedom of report creation with no need for IT, with Influential Software’s highly flexible Adaptive Insights reports solutions.

Insightful Planning

Using a bespoke model built on Adaptive Insights, our team will simplify your forecast creation, automate processes, use tailored drivers to make planning faster, and add an audit trail to show you the full picture.

Complete Budgeting Software for SMEs

The reason so many have chosen this small business cloud solution is simple: it does more, more easily, for less.
No wonder organisations across the world consider this the best software for small businesses.

Planning Productivity

Say “Goodbye” to Excel-based planning, and increase productivity by over 70 percent. That means smarter decisions, faster, for higher growth.

Fast Entry

Use a single suite for budgeting, modelling, analysis, and reporting.
There’s no need for separate logins.

Starting Simplicity

Get started right away with an intuitive interface for budgets, reports, and dashboards.
Teams and managers can inform the business without lengthy training.

Increased Accuracy

Budget stress-free and fast, avoiding disconnected spreadsheets and manual errors.
Save time for the work that really counts.

Data Integrity

Meld all aspects of planning across the business, from forecasting to balance sheets and cash flow.
Get the whole picture, as it happens.

Inbuilt Connectivity

Import from QuickBooks, NetSuite, Intacct, Dynamics GP, and Sage with ease.
Leverage your existing systems.